1983 Redline PL-24 Test

This test appears in the May 1983 issue of “BMX Action” All photos used courtesy Bob Osborn. Do not reproduce without his expressed written permission. I have cropped out most of the test words because of space. You can click on an image to see it full size.


1984 Redline Carrera II

This is from a bike test featured in BMX Action (Jan. 84) It like all BMXA material is used with permission of Bob Osborn. Please do not publish without his permission. The Carrera is based on the Proline frame set. Not all pages are being reproduced as the quality of the scans is just not good enough. Once I get better scans I will publish the entire test.

1984 Redline Carrera II Test in BMX Action

1984 Bike set up for RL and Stu

1984 Carrera II Spec Sheet

1978-1980 Proline Specifications

This is the first version. As more details become available like tube diameters and wall thickness etc I will add them to the drawings.  I will do a one glance section as well s adding a drawing in the corresponding years.

1978-1980 Proline Specifications

You may need to click on the headline to show the image. Then click on the thumbnail to see it full size.