1988 Race and Freestyle

Wow some cool colors and zebra details. Mango, Kiwi and Inca red.


Freestyle Bike Models


  • RL-20 II – twin top tubes wrap around head tube, Forklifter stem, bars and Flight Cranks.
  • RL-20 – Single top tube, Sugino 1 piece cranks
  • Optional Colors:: Hazzard Yellow, Radberry, Turquiose with Chrome back end or Solid Chrome or White


  • RL-20 II – frame now has canti mounts under seat stays
  • RL-20 B – Single top tube goes into twin top tubes
  • RL-20 A – Tri Moly frame, full 4130 fork
  • Optional Colors:: Mango, Kiwi, Black, Inca Red, and Chrome


  • RL 620
  • RL 220