1984 Redline 500a

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Advertisement for the least expensive Redline to start your racing off on a budget, but still look like a Pro. All at a good price and still get the quality you needed for racing.

Redline 1984 500a part 1

Redline 1984 500a part 2


1984 Redline 600b and 700p Advertisement

To show the most detail I split the add in half to show it as large as possible. I added some new darker text because the scan was not super clean.

1984 Redline 600b and 700p

1984 Redline 600b and 700p part 2

1984 Redline Carrera II

This is from a bike test featured in BMX Action (Jan. 84) It like all BMXA material is used with permission of Bob Osborn. Please do not publish without his permission. The Carrera is based on the Proline frame set. Not all pages are being reproduced as the quality of the scans is just not good enough. Once I get better scans I will publish the entire test.

1984 Redline Carrera II Test in BMX Action

1984 Bike set up for RL and Stu

1984 Carrera II Spec Sheet

1984 Redline PL-20 Carrera 2

1984 PL-20 Carrera.

Redline is now in Newbury Park, CA

1984 PL-20 carrera 2

You may need to click on the headline to show the image. Then click on the thumbnail to see it full size. The advertisement was in the November 83 issue of BMXA.