1983 Redline PL-24 Test

This test appears in the May 1983 issue of “BMX Action” All photos used courtesy Bob Osborn. Do not reproduce without his expressed written permission. I have cropped out most of the test words because of space. You can click on an image to see it full size.


1983 600a

1983 was the first year of the MX-III. Sorta, kinda. Till then all frames were Prolines or MX-II’s. Sorta, Kinda. When Redline first began sourcing complete bikes they got the parts from Japan but all the frame sets were made in the USA. Tose first complete bikes were called MX-III’s. But they really had a MX-II frame set. Then in 1983 they debuted an all new frame the MX-III. Follow? The MX-III frame would come on different complete bike models over the years. The first was the 1983 600a.

1983 600a Advertisement 1983 600a Product Probe

You may need to click on the headline to show the image. Then click on the thumbnail to see it full size. The Product Probe was in the Feb 83 issue of BMXA.

1983 Stu Bars

Redline made the first V Bar. It was very popular but always a narrow bar. Perfect for young riders in the Microline size and for small teens in the Proline size. Stu Tompsen was no small teen though. He was over 6 feet tall. In 1983 they released the all new Stu Bars. And for the first time Redline made a straight crossbar as well. I will add the handlebar specs as they become available.

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