1981 Haro ad featuring Jeff Ruminer

This has to be one of the cleanest, most colorfull ads in the history of BMX. Top riders all dialed in from head to toe. Stunning colors. This is what being Most factory was all about. From a 1981 advertisement, we see Redline’s “Flyin Okie” Jeff Ruminer.

Jeff Ruminer 1981


February 1981 2 page ad

This ad came out in early 1981. Classic Redline advertisement, Classic Redline’s.

Feb 1981 ad page 1 of 2

Feb 1981 ad page 2 of 2

February 1981 Cover

John Crews and a bunch of Yanks taking on the Australians. John Crews was a popular Northern California racer and very talented jumper. He continues to live in NorCal and owns a bike shop.

John Crews

“(c)1983 by Wizard Publications Inc. Used by permission.”

1978-82 Redline MX-II

In early 1978 they still used the old Squareback front end. But sometime in 1978 they began using the modern MX-II front end. Early complete bikes received the designation as MX-III but in actuality were MX-II frames. The Series 3 frame would debut with the 1983 model late in 1982. So from 1978 till 1981 all the bikes (except Proline, Microline) used a MX-II frame even if the bike was sold as a complete bike with a MX-III decal.

In 1982 (debuting in late 1981) the new Redline logo would be on the bikes. The first picture shows the MX-II logo used from 1978 till 1981. The second image shows a Proline. But those are also the correct decals for the late 81 and 82 MX-II’s. At least when sold as a complete bike.

1979 MX-II 1982 Decals

You may need to click on the headline to show the image. Then click on the thumbnail to see it full size. The photo of the black MX-II is courtesy of Flyin Bryan. The photo of the 1982 decal set is courtesy of Adam C. Melbourne, Australia.