John Crews and Stu Thomsen in Australia 1980

Two great shots of two of the biggest names ever in BMX. Showing the guys down under how the Yanks do it, and asking the burning question, “Who the hell is Jamie Hayles?”

John Crews Australia 1980

Stu Thomsen Australia 1980

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1981 Haro ad featuring Jeff Ruminer

This has to be one of the cleanest, most colorfull ads in the history of BMX. Top riders all dialed in from head to toe. Stunning colors. This is what being Most factory was all about. From a 1981 advertisement, we see Redline’s “Flyin Okie” Jeff Ruminer.

Jeff Ruminer 1981

February 1981 2 page ad

This ad came out in early 1981. Classic Redline advertisement, Classic Redline’s.

Feb 1981 ad page 1 of 2

Feb 1981 ad page 2 of 2

February 1981 Cover

John Crews and a bunch of Yanks taking on the Australians. John Crews was a popular Northern California racer and very talented jumper. He continues to live in NorCal and owns a bike shop.

John Crews

“(c)1983 by Wizard Publications Inc. Used by permission.”