1985 Redlines

This was the first year of the funky colors and new wave decals. Colors include Hazard Yellow, Turquoise and Radberry as well as Chrome and White. The higher end models the 800p (Proline) and 600c (Series 3 frameset) came in a two tone version. The fronts were painted and the back ends where Chrome. They also came in an all Chrome version. The budget 500b came in solid paint or solid Chrome. You can tell the 85’s from earlier Series 3’s as they now have gnurling on the rear dropouts.

The 500b and 600c are both made in Taiwan. The1985 500b is also the first time a Redline frame is not 100% 4130. The back end on this model is high tensile steel and the bikes are stamped on thebottom bracket (BB) as Tri-Moly. The large Redline lettering is white (except on the white and chrome bikes). On the white and chrome bikes the lettering is Red.

The 1985 models also debut the new Forklifter four bolt stems. They come in Chrome and Black. None of the bikes use the V-Bars anymore.

***I dont have a scanner to add all the tests and magazine advertisements I have. If anyone has scans please submit them to the site. Thanks.***



  1. i just scored an 85 redline and dont know what it is
    serial numb 85095212
    85 yr
    09 mnth
    he said it was a 500a but i cant find info on 500a in 1985
    and also it is stamped on bb with full chrome moly not tri moly
    any info?

  2. okay so i found out mine is either a 600 or an 800
    due to full chrome moly
    what is the diff?
    longer top tube or how can i tell

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