1978-82 Redline MX-II

In early 1978 they still used the old Squareback front end. But sometime in 1978 they began using the modern MX-II front end. Early complete bikes received the designation as MX-III but in actuality were MX-II frames. The Series 3 frame would debut with the 1983 model late in 1982. So from 1978 till 1981 all the bikes (except Proline, Microline) used a MX-II frame even if the bike was sold as a complete bike with a MX-III decal.

In 1982 (debuting in late 1981) the new Redline logo would be on the bikes. The first picture shows the MX-II logo used from 1978 till 1981. The second image shows a Proline. But those are also the correct decals for the late 81 and 82 MX-II’s. At least when sold as a complete bike.

1979 MX-II 1982 Decals

You may need to click on the headline to show the image. Then click on the thumbnail to see it full size. The photo of the black MX-II is courtesy of Flyin Bryan. The photo of the 1982 decal set is courtesy of Adam C. Melbourne, Australia.


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